If you are interested in enrolling in Tri-State Barber College, please fill out the form below,
verify and submit. A representative of the college will be in touch soon after. Thank you!

    Admission Process

    All prospective students must have a personal interview with the admissions director prior to admission. In addition:
    • Completed application and enrollment fee of 100.00
    • You must be at least 17 1/2 years old and of good moral character
    • High School diploma or GED
    • Birth Certificate
    • Drivers License


    Tri-State Barber School operates on a year round schedule, meaning when openings become available they may be filled.
    Once applicant has been accepted and all required forms are completed the student may begin training on the following schedule:
    FULL TIME STUDENTS: 40 hours a week 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday
    PART TIME STUDENTS:  20 hours a week, arrangements for special schedules must be approved by the director
    Classes are scheduled to begin on Mondays, on a year=round basis.

    Clock Hours of Instruction

    Currently Kentucky Barber Board requires 1,500 hours of training and instruction in a licensed barber school. Training is given to the students on a clock-hour basis.  The maximum number of clock hours a student can earn is 40 hours a week. This will take approximately 9 1/2 months after passing the Kentucky Barber Board exam. Each  student will need a nine month apprenticeship in a licensed barber shop. After the apprenticeship you will then take your final test with the board.
    After testing with the boards students are allowed to work in a licensed barber shop.

Please complete all fields in application